The Best 4 Alternatives to Send In Blue: 2022 Special!

send in blue alternatives

What has happened in 2021 that had not happened earlier? There are a number of things that we can point at. While the world is still reeling from the after-effects of an economy-breaking pandemic called the Covid 19, we have forgotten to take stock of the massive growth that has been seen in the realm of all things online – and especially, E-Commerce! This E retail business sector has seen a whooping growth of over 10% which is more than the cumulative growth achieved by the same industry in the past decade. This is due to a number of factors including the fact that many small and local businesses have had to shift their business online, which has also brought their customers and prospects online. Hence, many new market segments have opened up. 

Now, with these changes, there has been an increase in two very crucial things:

1. Digital Tools

While new markets have opened up and helped in increasing the rate of growth of the E-Commerce industry, this has also sparked much competition. When we look at the competition, we can understand that businesses are finding it much easier to come online and run their businesses, but it is becoming that much more difficult to also catch the eye of the customer online. This has prompted many companies and businesses to demand new and more evolved tools like CRM, marketing automation and so much more for their business growth and so that they are able to efficiently tap into the competition. Hence, we find many Send in Blue competitors. 

Before we understand who these competitors are, let us understand what Send in Blue really is. This is a platform or a system that helps you organize all your data and information in a way that your core marketing and sales activities can be well automated and your lead generation to conversion journey can become a seamless one. This is also known as CRM and marketing automation along with the establishment of a sales pipeline. 

This is a tool that first reared its head in 2006 when HubSpot arrived on the scene to help make sense of all the big data and to give businesses the right tools to automate a number of things from email marketing to social media presence building. Now, the need of the hour is being filled by various evolved SendinBlue alternatives that are engaged in the following activities:

2. Information Handling

Before you actually get into the entire gamut of email marketing and sending out those super engaging emails, you would have to first figure out the information that would be required per email campaign. In order to do this, one would end up spending many man-hours. But with the right Send in Blue alternative, you can now organize all your contact information along with the interactions and data pertaining to them in a neat framework that connects each piece of information to the right function. This helps in being more organized and being able to come up with the right information for the right customer and at the right time. 

3. Team Collaborations

When you own a small and growing business, the focus is usually on making your small team do big things. If this can be achieved efficiently, you will continue to grow and apply the same ethos. Yet, this is where many businesses and companies end up in arms since there is very little scope to organize and collaborate with all the team members at the same time for consistent and even footed results. In such a case, it becomes imperative to bring in a system like a Send In Blue alternative that will help in allocating the right tasks with the relevant information to the various team members. This will eliminate all the needless communication that can often lead to chaos and duplication of tasks. In doing so, you would have a team that is responsible and accountable as well as a team that creates a high rate of conversions for your business. 

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4. Customer Understanding

This is one of the major things that can make or break your business. When you have an alternative to Send in Blue, you would be able to find the right data and the right bottom line taken from all the big data in order to create campaigns that are driven by such facts and the very words of the customers. You would be able to articulate their problems and offer solutions in the context of the same for better reach and overall engagement as well. 

Now that we have understood some of the benefits of turning to any of the Send in Blue competitors, let us have a look at some of the best alternatives out there for your business:


Managing multiple tools is chaotic for businesses nowadays. EngageBay helps you to grow and manage your business and customers with their simple, powerful, and integrated platform for all your marketing, sales & service needs.

See how it is a great Sendinblue Alternative.


This is also a well-known platform for all those looking for an email marketing tool. Yet, it does not have too many features and is considered an expensive option as well. 

Customer IO

With this platform, you will get focused email marketing tools for lead generation. Yet, this is not the best tool for small and mid-sized businesses due to the cost. 


This platform is an upcoming one with many features, yet it does not offer complete support at all times. 

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