3 ConvertKit Alternatives You Should Switch to in 2021

ConvertKit Alternatives

In this advanced era, it is more important to connect with people to grow faster and easier. Also, every business started different ways to communicate with many customers, and one way to stay associated with all customers is through good email marketing to grab much attention. So this article will help you more to choose those tools especially to grow rapidly. Before knowing convertkit alternatives, let us see what is convertkit and what flaws make people choose alternatives.


Nathan Barry was the founder of convertkit, and it is one of the efficient email marketing tools. 

Using this convertkit tool, you can easily and fastly reach guidance. Also, convertkit its selves believes the future belongs to creators. It contains various features like automation, email designer; sign up form, integrations, and landing pages. However, other alternatives of convertkit have come up with huge features.

Flaws in convertkit that makes to choose alternatives:

Even though it is a great tool, it also contains some flaws that make people search for convertkit alternatives. The following are the convertkit alternatives:

Lack in form customization:

Convertkit helps to build landing pages and sign up forms. It only provides basic graphic designs.

It does not allow to design of customized pages according to customers’ wishes. It is one of the main flaws that make everyone choose ConvertKit Alternatives.

Less Email Template Options

Templates play a key role that makes all your email tasks very easy to complete just with a few clicks. If your business is very big and usually sends out email newsletters, then the ConvertKit tool undoubtedly makes you a disappointment to use. Also, the ConvertKit tool lacks the feature regarding test email for autoresponders. You can only send these test emails to yourself for broadcast but cannot do them for autoresponders.

Limited reporting and tracking:

Compared to other tools, it gives only limited reporting and also tracks very slow. Even it does not provide based on various time frames and it is one of the flaws which make it shift from Alternative to ConvertKit.

No Advanced Features:

It does not offer any advanced features which help to grow more compared to other tools.

Lack of Customization Functions for all Cold Subscribers:

ConvertKit automatically tags all cold subscribers, especially those who have not opened or clicked their respective email in the past 90 days and subscribed for a minimum of 30 days for ease of use. They recently also added an automation rule where you can remove anyone who clicks a link from the list of cold subscribers. It is also one of the flaws that make everyone choose other alternatives.

High price:

convertkit costs too high price. All these features may even get from other tools with less amount. Small scales businesses can afford this price with minimal features.

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Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM is one of the best ConvertKit Alternative. Zoho CRM was founded by both Tony Thomas and Sridhar Vembu on 17 March 1996. Zoho is an awesome CRM software, and mainly it is perfect as a sales expert. The CRM software is part of this Zoho Office Suite, includes other solutions like presentations, invoicing, spreadsheets, project management databases, web conferencing, and word-processing. It also contains perfect features like Predictive Sales, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, etc.


The following are some of the pros of Zoho CRM:

•         superb platform to get many sales.

•         You can fastly and easily know all your respective leads, deals, and clients.

•         Affordable price.


The following are some of the cons of Zoho CRM:

•         Integrations are so complicated.

•         You receive poor support from the team members.

•         You can also observe lagging, especially for the live option.

Pricing of CRM:

Free trial

Standard plan:  Standard plan costs $20 per month.

Professional plan:  Professional plan costs $35 per month.

Enterprise plan: The enterprise plan costs $50 per month.

Ultimate plan: Ultimate plan costs $65 per month.

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Nutshell CRM:

Nutshell CRM is the best ConvertKit Alternatives and easy to set meeting reminders calls or emails. It is a very perfect and simple user interface. Lindsay Snider, Ian Berry, and Guy Suter, Andy Fowler were the founder of this great Nutshell CRM in 2009. It contains unlimited data storage and also has huge contacts.

Pros of Nutshell CRM:

The following are some of the pros of Nutshell CRM:

•         Simple and very easy integration.

•         Poor customer support.

•         Reports are rapidly generated.

Cos of Nutshell CRM:

The following are some of the cons of Nutshell CRM:

Too expensive for getting additional features.

Pricing of Nutshell CRM:

The following are the pricing plans of Nutshell CRM:

Starter: ₹ 1440

Pro: ₹ 2520

Pro+: ₹ 4968


Nimble is one of the ConvertKit Alternatives, and Jon Ferrara founded it. This tool also helps to engage with many people and converts more leads compared to convertkit. Also, it is very reasonable with many features than convertkit. Nimble is an all-in-one solution for all organizing contacts, managing, finding opportunities, building, maintaining relationships, setting reminders, and meeting goals. It provides all information on the respective customer’s history and deals status. Every user can easily set up all structured to-do lists for every team.

It allows all users to engage and interact with customers and prospects on a personalized level. It makes to stay connected across the whole customer journey.

Pros of Nimble:

The following are the pros of nimble that is best ConvertKit Alternatives:

  • Affordable
  • Very simple to use
  • Converts more leads.
  • Helps to engage with many customers.

Cons of Nimble:

The following are the cons of nimble that is best ConvertKit Alternatives:

  • Poor support
  • You feel disappointed with technical issues.

Pricing of nimble CRM:

The following are the pricing plans of Nimble CRM:

Free trial: 14 days

Paid plan: $19 per User.


I hope the above information provides you with knowledge regarding other; alternatives that help you more. Last but not least, choose the perfect CRM tool that meets all your requirements.

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