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Aweber review

Communication is very important, especially to grow business. As now it is the digital era, from small to large scale businesses preferring to communicate using email marketing tools. Especially to communicate and to promote, expand their respective business. One of those tools is Aweber, which is one the best tool to promote and expand your business. So today, through this blog, you completely know about Aweber review, which helps every business grow better than before.


Tom Kulzer founded Aweber in 1998, and it is the perfect email marketing tool that suits both small scale and large scale businesses. It is a drag-and-drop editor. It allows its users to create all the newsletters and helps conduct automated campaigns based on many HTML templates. Often it allows its users to integrate their email accounts with various business apps. It is very useful as they can explore their business through many people.

The foremost thing about Aweber is that the Campaigns feature gives permissions to every user while sending auto-responses depending on the time, date, tags, and contact behaviour that you have submitted to the contact database.

Aweber pricing:

The following is the Aweber review regarding plans:

Aweber provides a free trial to its users up to below 500 subscribers. To get access to more customers, you need to choose a pro version plan.

The pricing structure of the pro version plan:

For 500 subscribers, it charges $19 per month

For 501 to 2,500 subscribers, it charges up to $29.99 per month.

For 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers, it charges up to $49.99 per month

For 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers, it charges up to $69.99 per month

For 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers, it charges up to $149.99 per month 

But if you have more than 25000 plus subscribers, you can call Aweber and send your quotation.

When I am searching in-depth to do an Aweber review, an interesting thing has been found during my research.  It was that Aweber provides a 14% discount for those who choose to pay quarterly. Also, it provides a 14.9% discount for Users who choose to pay annually. Also, it gives special discounts to students and non-profit organizations.

Aweber’s pricing vs. its competitors:

The following is the comparison I found during my research for giving Aweber review:

Aweber is very cheap compared to Campaign Monitor, and Aweber is cheaper compared to iContact, and it is near to the same price as Mailchimp.

Aweber is more expensive than Getresponse.

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Features of Aweber:

The following features are found during my research to give Aweber review:


It allows every user to automate the email marketing process using logic as “if this, then that.” Suppose if any subscriber clicks a link, then AWeber will set automatically to apply a tag to that particular subscriber. Tags can decide which emails need to be sent for whom and when they do not need to be sent.

A/B Testing:

AWeber helps every user to compare variations in various elements of their respective emails to check which can perform well. Suppose a user gives two separate headings for A/B testing, generating one of them with a higher open rate.

Analytics and Reporting:

Aweber provides analytics and reports to their user. It is very helpful for every user to change their strategies to grow. Often used to know their flaws in their strategy.

Unique Email Design:

All the emails are automatically resized depending on the customers using devices to view the message, whether it may be smartphones, desktops, or tablets.

Data Segmentation:

 In my research to give Aweber review, I found a unique feature given by Aweber is data segmentations. It divides the whole based on the activities by the customers. It is very useful and helpful to target more audiences, and every user can create different strategies to attract more customers.

Email Templates:

Very often, Aweber can provide 700 plus email newsletter templates that are smartphone responsive.

Pros of Aweber:

The following are the pros I have got during my research for doing Aweber reviews:

Free-trail plan:

Aweber provides free trials up to below 500 subscribers, and it is one of the best advantages to every user. Also very useful for beginners and startup beginning stages. Even it provides all features of the pro version in this free-trail plan.

Affordable price:

Aweber is very affordable when compared to many other tools and also provides more useful and fantastic features. Even it provides a discount to its user for those who pay quarterly and annually. Not only that, but it also gives a special discount to students and non-profit organizations.

Easy to use:

Aweber was designed to use it very easily .it’s interface is simple, and everyone can understand it. Also, it provides a drag and drop option, sends automatic responses based on the customer’s, designs email according to the devices used by customers.


Aweber allows very user to integrate their emails with various business platforms. It may help more to grow their user’s business as they are sharing information on different platforms.

Some other pros of Aweber are:

  • They provide in-build landing pages, and it gives a huge range of templates to their users.
  • It also helps you choose whether the customers subscribe to your separate list on a single, double option basis.
  • It has the best importing option. You can import all files and add different files and email addresses.
  • You can even easily set up times, days, contact behavior, tags based autoresponder.

Cons of Aweber:

The following are the cons I have got during my research for doing Aweber review:

Unnecessary charges:

Aweber charges whenever you host all unsubscribed contacts on your respective account. Simply nothing but when someone unsubscribed you, but if you maintain their details, Aweber will automatically charge it. It’s better to remove those unsubscribed details, but you need to pay for them if you forget to delete them.

Lack of updation:

Aweber lacks advanced features and updation. To grow more definitely, we also need to learn new updates and features. Unfortunately, Aweber was lacking in it.

Customer support:

Aweber provides customer support very well, but now everything is updated frequently, so customer support also needs to provide 24/7. Providing 24/7 support helps users to grow more as they are getting rapid solutions for their issues. Also, it did not provide call support.


Hope this Aweber review blog helps you all, especially those who want to know more about the Aweber tool. Last but not least, first better try free-trail for choosing a pro version plan.

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