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To secure any site’s data, there are multiple ways but one way is to secure with HTTPS protocol. HTTPS is the best way to secure communication between the user’s browser and the web servers. This protocol can increase the trust of your customers over your brand. Therefore, to secure the communication between users and your web server, you need good web hosting. Hence, Serverwala presents a Dedicated Server Turkey Hosting with HTTPS protocol that builds faith over your business.

Server Wala offers you several features within a Dedicated Server web hosting along with HTTPS protocol. In this article, we will discuss HTTPS Protocol and how a dedicated server connected with it is profitable.

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HTTPS Protocol And It’s Working

The full form of HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol and “S” in HTTPS means Security. It means an HTTPS protocol for any web server is more secure than an HTTP protocol. This protocol makes a foundation layer within a user’s browser and web server to communicate. Web browsers send requests to the web servers through HTTP and web servers receive these requests through HTTP. HTTPS protocol enables the feature to communicate securely between these two.

HTTPS works via an SSL layer or TSL. SSL layer provides data integrity and security by secure data encryption between more than one application. The goal of this is to secure data from spying when transferring the data between two applications. Most websites are now moving to HTTPS protocol. Because when a user sees this protocol before your site’s URL, they get assured about the safety of their private details.

As we know that an HTTPS protocol secures transferring the data between a web browser and a web server. Hence a web server plays an important role in his situation. Therefore you need to get a web server that provides immense security and HTTPS protocol. So, Serverwala is offering its Dedicated Server Turkey Web Hosting to protect your site from any bad activity or intruder activity of anyone. A Turkey Dedicated Server comes with multiple features with an HTTPS protocol that provides a lot of benefits.

Serverwala Dedicated Server Hosting Services in Turkey

Server Wala Dedicated Servers offer immense security to the server and protect your site from maleficient activities of intruders. You get the rich security of a Dedicated Server in Turkey with an HTTPS protocol it’s like “Cherry on the Cake”. Dedicated Security and HTTPS protocol is the best combination to secure any website. Except for this, there are other features that we are going to discuss further.

Fast Page Load Speed

It is very important to have a good page load speed for any website to keep having your regular customers. According to Google, in 3 seconds your site should load a web page. But if it does not load at this rate then there is a higher possibility that you may lose your customers. Hence, a Dedicated Server Turkey of Serverwala provides the fastest page load speed feature with a 99.90% uptime guarantee. The unlimited features of this server provide you to store more data on the server and have a smooth speed of the web page.

More Bandwidth

A Dedicated Server Turkey allows you to expand your bandwidth to the maximum level. You can transfer more data between the website and the internet. It will not hang your website’s server. Since you are the only one who is using the server so you get ample space to store a lot of data.

SSL Certificate

The higher possibility that you are losing your customers is maybe they do not feel secure about the security of their private details. People can rely on your website for a longer period if they know your site is secure about their data. Therefore a Dedicated Server Turkey offers you web hosting that comes with a private SSL certificate of the server. An HTTPS protocol comes with an SSL certificate hence it is an add-on feature of buying a Dedicated Server in Turkey.

Unique IP Address

Server Wala offers its Dedicated server Turkey users to have a unique IP address for their server. You get two IP options to have for your server, one is IP4 and another is IP6. A unique IP address that is shared with any website also provides security to not hack by anyone. Generally in shared hostings, you get shared IP addresses that do not guarantee you the security of your server. You can also get multiple IP addresses for multiple websites with Turkey Dedicated Server.

Why HTTPS Matters for Any Website?

HTTPS prevents intruders to inject any bad activity into your server that can harm your website. Without an HTTPS protocol, an intruder can inject activities like posting Ads or changing the content to get profit from your site’s traffic. According to W3Techs reports, around 75.2% of websites use HTTPS protocols and millions of websites have installed SSL certificates for the server.

It is important more specifically because of two reasons. One is when any user searches any website on a desktop that has HTTP protocol then browsers like Google Chrome label it as a not secure site. Another is when the user searches on mobile then you get a warning from the browser in triable shape that the site is insecure.

Therefore it is very important to have an HTTPS protocol to keep the faith of your customers over your brand. And, a Dedicated Server Turkey already comes with an SSL certificate so it helps your site to provide more security and keep your user’s communication within the server. You can get Dedicated Servers from Serverwala at cheaper rates so that if your budget is tight you can afford it even in this issue. Have a glance at Serverwala Dedicated Server in Turkey’s cheap plans and packages.

Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server Turkey Plans

With Turkey Dedicated Server plans you get a CPU, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD storage, and 1TB Bandwidth Speed in the server package. This is the initial package of a Dedicated Server in Turkey by Serverwala. You get 4 types of plans in this and the package also varies as per the prices. For a one-month subscription, Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server Turkey plan starts from $220.


In this article, we talked about how an HTTPS protocol is important for your web server. Therefore, Maybe now you have understood how a server’s security is connected with the user’s interactivity. Hence, You should buy Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Turkey hosting to give more security for your website. With an HTTPS protocol, any intruder’s activity will not harm your site or we can say any intruder can not get any access to get into your server’s functions.

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