How to Have a Superb Experience While Using Your Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the voice assistant that you can use on many devices. It allows users to make phone calls, send and receive texts, set alarms and reminders, and book hotel reservations with the help of simple voice commands. Android phones have it installed by default. iOS users can download the app from the App Store on their iPhone or iPad. To activate the assistant on Android devices, simply press down on the home button and say “Hey, Google.” To use it on an Apple device, it is necessary to open the Google Assistant app first. 

Life in a smart home becomes much more efficient with the help of such tools. Spectrum internet services allow users to control all smart devices with Google Assistant. They can turn off their bedroom lights, switch on the AC, and power off their TV. Read the tips on how to use the popular voice assistant to get the most out of it. 

Open Apps

You can use Goole Assistant to open apps. With a single voice command, you can access Walmart, Instagram, Facebook, PayPal, Twitter apps, etc. You can also perform different actions on them. For example, you can ask the assistant to make a payment on Amazon or send money to your PayPal account. You can also ask it to show you all the actions it can perform on a particular application. 

Read Articles Aloud

One of the best features of the voice assistant is that it can read articles on the Chrome browser. For this, you will need to open Google Assistant settings. Here, scroll down and select “General”. Then enable the “Use Screen Context”. After this, just ask Google to read a text and the assistant will start reading it out loud. You can increase the reading speed, move 30 seconds ahead or backward, and choose a language of your preference. 

No Need to Wait on Hold Again

It is quite inconvenient to stay on hold during a call. By downloading the latest update of the Phone app from the Google Play Store, your assistant can stay on hold instead. When the customer service representative is back online, it will notify you. Cool, right? Meanwhile, you can tend to other important tasks. 

Screening of Calls

If you are receiving a lot of calls, then you should let Google Assistant take care of them. Tap the Screen Call button when a scammer or an unknown person calls you. The Google Assistant will take over the call and show you a live transcription of the call. Feel free to hang up any time. If the call is from a known source, you can simply join it.

Easy Restaurant Reservations

You can book a reservation at your favorite restaurant for a dinner with your better half. Just ask the assistant to book a table at your favorite restaurant and you’re good to go! The voice assistant will record and send your response to the restaurant. You may need to share more details such as the number of attendees, date, and time for the reservation. Once done, you’ll receive a confirmation that your seats are reserved. 

Support for Multiple Languages

If you are bilingual. you may need to switch between languages quite frequently. However, one of the best features that Google Assistant comes with is allowing users to speak in two languages interchangeably. To enable this setting, ask your voice assistant to change the language settings. Here, select the two languages of your preference!

Manage Phone Settings

With simple voice commands, you can manage most of your phone settings. Simple commands to turn the airplane mode on set the phone mode to “do not disturb”, or enable the eye comfort mode helps to make life easy for smartphone users. 

Find Your Phone

To find where your phone is, all you have to do is “talk to” a connected device such as Google Home. Say “Hey Google, where is my phone” and the phone will start ringing. Follow the direction where the sound is coming from to locate it.

Manage and Delete Data 

With your Google Assistant, you can control, review, and alter data settings. You can easily delete data that Google collects with a single voice command. With a simple voice command such as “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you today”, you can perform quick actions. 

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