Overview of the leading SD-WAN Vendors Solution 2022


What is SD-WAN Technology:

In Order to just give a word definition of SD-WAN, it is simply known as Software-Defined – Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) or Software Defined Networking (SDN) in short. SD-WAN is the latest available technology preferred most for professional deployment due to the availability of many latest convenient features and user-friendliness. 

Though there are many SD-WAN device vendors available in the market, very few grab the market while installing & deploying their products. Let’s check the top 15 SD-WAN Vendors who are playing in the Market.

Top 15 SD-WAN Vendors:

1. Cisco:

Cisco offers a range of options for SD-WAN, including Meraki’s SD-WAN appliances, which connect branch offices and public clouds via auto-provisioned IPsec VPNs; Cisco’s own SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp, which is essentially a SaaS offering that connects branches, colocation centers, and various clouds; and Cisco’s SD-WAN security which provides embedded SSL decryption, enterprise firewall, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and malware sandboxing.

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2. VM Ware:

VMware, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a distant number three in the market behind Cisco and Juniper respectively. The server-virtualization pioneer became a serious SD-WAN contender with the acquisition of VeloCloud, founded in Santa Monica back in 2010. After VMware acquired the company sometime around December 2016, they then rebranded their product to “VMware SD-WAN”; This powerful SaaS offering is comprised of three main components: VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, the central management platform; VMware SD-WAN Gateways, which are deployed at more than 3,000 points of presence around the globe; and VMware SD-WAN Edge, on-premises appliances that connect to the VMware global network.

3. Versa: 

Versa’s brand new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)’s Secure SD-WAN is the backbone of its security feature, which provides a range of capabilities, including sub-second packet steering across multiple WAN interfaces, packet loss reduction, and poor performing link avoidance. Secure SD-WAN can also act as a DNS proxy with SD-WAN traffic steering or MP-BGP route exchange with your IT team depending on where your primary databases are located. Its connectivity options include link aggregation, hierarchical QoS, per tunnel QoS, and overlay encapsulation ( VXLAN, IPsec).

4. HPE:

The HPE Aruba SD-WAN offering, EdgeConnect, creates virtual WAN overlays for various classes of traffic. After being set up, application performance, security, and routing policies are automatically distributed to all sites. Some other capabilities include real-time monitoring of network and application performance, automated remediation in the event of an outage due to a congested link or an errant policy, integrated firewall, and WAN optimization.

5. Fortinet:

According to IDC, Fortinet was amongst the leading five WAN optimization vendors in 2020. The company’s recently-achieved success is partly due to its acquisition of Opaq Network Solutions in 2020. Since then, many of Opaq’s top engineers have been integrated into the Fortinet team and have helped them deliver SaaS-based SD-WAN solutions which cater not only to enterprise customers but also to midmarket companies as well. As a result, their WAN optimization services are now far better than they used to be. The company’s hardware is based on its very own proprietary chips and acquisitions like that of Opaq have reinforced its already robust security capabilities

6. Palo Alto:

With CloudGenix’s SD-WAN offering, users have instant access to a network that is ready for use at both the branch and office sites. With these devices, it is possible to make sure that broadband, Wi-Fi, and MPLS networks are as safe as can be from cyber threats by mandating a more secure type of connectivity among all sites. Furthermore, they monitor the health and performance of broadband providers automatically while also tying in primary servers with high-performance functions that include seamless routing software, giving enterprises better options when it comes down to what bandwidth is applicable to any given application or site which does not only help offer the best connection at all times but also makes sure the effort put in by an organization’s IT department isn’t wasted on something inferior!

7. Huawei:

IDC forecasts that by 2020, roughly 6% of all enterprise WANs will be running on SD-WAN infrastructure. However, the outlook for those providers is beginning to appear cloudy as the political climate in the United States against Chinese technology companies may cause some clients to shy away from purchasing their products due to their relationship with Huawei.

8. Juniper Networks:

Juniper, a sizeable networking equipment manufacturer, is now an alternative to the already large SD-WAN market. With two recent acquisitions under the company’s belt, it is one of the newest and most effective options for businesses looking to make a switch. Earlier this year Juniper acquired 128 Technology, then in late 2020, they made even more waves when they bought Mist Systems only just months later. The combined 128-Mist SD-WAN solution offers enterprises an AI-driven SD-WAN/Edge choice with strong security features that could attract many businesses seeking that kind of protection.

9. Oracle:

Oracle has been working on a new SD-WAN project to complement its two product lines; a direct competitor to Cisco. By offering an option in their own portfolio, Oracle will now be able to offer customers BGP support with the ability to program this traffic routing directly through the platform. This BGP feature is referred to as vPath, and it does exactly what the name suggests: you can take control of your application routing in a way that isn’t typical of other vendors.

10. Aryaka:

Founded in 2008 by the former OfficeMax CIO and COO, Aryaka aims to help companies rapidly move data from one cloud computing environment to another. Founded during a time when moving data to public clouds was quite expensive, Aryaka looks to deliver its SaaS solution at incredibly low costs while also providing enterprise-level security through DTAM certification and options that ensure both 99.8% uptime and real-time redundancy. With over $184 million raised since its founding, Aryaka has been able to become a major player in the market and is used by big names like Office Depot and Salesforce.

11. Cato Networks:

Cato Networks will allow you to build your own cloud-enabled data center that is suitable for your needs. Cato SASE Cloud can ensure that the data security standards are always at their maximum – which makes it easy and hassle-free to keep an eye on all of your company’s resources at any given time. It’s even easier to manage the traffic in a way that will optimize performance so as to cut back expenses while also having everything readily accessible whenever needed. Cato Management Application allows you to stay in control of what’s happening. You have full visibility over every detail related to high-performance switching and services – including information about customer demands, network status, and application performance as well as access logs and other important details relevant not only for the network but also for each connected device within the system (e.g., a tablet, computer, smartphone).

12. Silver Peak:

Silver Peak offers the unity EdgeConnect network that provides a single unified platform to deliver the highest quality of experience and automatic adaption for commercial enterprises. It is the most advanced form of networking in today’s market, providing advanced features such as SD-WAN, firewalls, segmentation, and routing – not to mention WAN optimization and Application Visibility & Control functionality.

13. Open Systems:

Open Systems provide enterprises with a host of benefits. Tied to the advent of digital transformation, Open Systems is a platform for SASE that helps create agile and secure IT environments, supports private cloud infrastructures and leads to enterprise IT success by safeguarding data for diverse use cases such as cyber risk mitigations, network operations, and threat protection or cloud enablement in multiple industries including Chemical, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. And whether you’re looking for data protection or improving the performance of your network infrastructure, Enterprise+ Plan offers an approach designed to improve security efficacy, performant capabilities (i.e., latency), flexibility, and agility to access all your software-based workloads easily along with optimized spending capability.

14. 128 Technology:

128 Technology features the most advanced Session Smart™ Routing. It offers powerful routing solutions for enterprises of all sizes. With 128 Technology, you can ensure standards-based networking using a service model based on SD-WAN and an architecture that makes it easier to integrate with your existing data center environment and ensure secure ROI. You can benefit from reduced operational costs, flexibility, robustness, and reach across the network through 128 Technology’s automated provisioning and orchestration capabilities.

15. Barracuda Networks:

For the best business possible connectivity features and Security features combined for Barracuda Networks. Barracuda Networks is ready to provide a secure and easy SD-WAN solution that will boost application performance and reduce costs. You can boost the collaboration between employees with improved responsiveness, fix the problem of slow or dropped internet connections at the office, increase bandwidth capacity and overall efficiency in the workplace by introducing SD-WAN technology into your network environment. We have a solution to cut down on time spent with tedious administration so we would be more available for fewer hours rather than spending more time to do all sorts of configurations which take up an entire day! Our customers get powerful & robust remote access, there are also no traffic limitations or performance degradation while trying to work remotely. And there is no need to rely on any application vendor’s declining support in case of disaster.

Though the above said are the top SD-WAN vendors, it has to be taken care that the deployment and installation of these devices and services have to be availed through experienced Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This is would enable us to exploit all the available features effectively. Field Engineer is one such platform that has a repository of the Best Field Engineers to cater to the needs of the online software services market. Contact Us now for the expert Field Engineers. 

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