10 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers In 2022

instagram followers

Instagram is a popular social media platform with over 1 billion active users. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family, share photos and videos, and build a following of engaged followers. 

However, it can be difficult to gain followers quickly. Here are jojogram 10 tips to increase Instagram followers in 2022.

1. Use hashtags consistently.

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by the # symbol on Instagram. When you post an image or video using a hashtag, your followers can see all of the posts tagged with that keyword.

This can help you reach new followers who are interested in topics related to the tag you’ve chosen. For example, if you’re passionate about fashion and want to share photos of your latest outfit, using the #fashion hashtags will help you connect with other Instagrammers who share similar interests.

2. Share interesting content regularly.

Quality content is key on Instagram if your posts are interesting and well-made, your followers will likely follow you back no matter what tags you use! Share photos and videos that show off your creative side (or feature interesting trends), tell stories that resonate with your audience or show off your product or service in a new way.

3. Use filters sparingly.

Filters can help you create amazing photo effects, but they can also be a bit of a time-sink. If you’re not sure whether or not to use a filter, test it out first without posting the photo to Instagram. You can also save filters as “setups” for later use.

4. Keep your profile updated and current.

Regularly refreshing your profile image and bio will help you stand out from the competition and make your followers feel like they know you well. And don’t forget to add relevant hashtags to your posts—this will help them find your content more easily!

5. Engage with your followers regularly.

If you’re following someone back, make sure to respond to their posts and comments! This will show that you’re invested in the conversation and make your followers feel like they have a connection with you.

6. Use Instagram Stories more often.

Stories are a great way to introduce new followers to your brand or product without having to bombard them with static Instagram photos every time you post. They can also be used as an opportunity to experiment with creative content formats (like 360° videos or interactive galleries) that could really stand out on the platform.

7. Make use of Instagram ads.

Ads can be a valuable way to reach potential customers who might not have seen your account before and encourage them to follow you. They can also be used as a way to test different concepts or product ideas before committing to full-fledged marketing campaigns.

8. Get involved in the community.

There’s no better way to increase your brand awareness than by interacting with your followers on a regular basis. This can involve commenting on their posts, joining conversations, or even creating your own content in response to popular trends.

9. Use hashtags strategically.

Tags are an essential part of Instagram marketing and should be used to target specific demographics or interests. By using the right hashtags, you can help to draw attention to your posts from people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

10. Promote your account regularly.

Once you’ve identified some key strategies that work well for you, it’s important to keep promoting your account regularly in order to keep engagement high and followers growing steadily! There are a variety of free and affordable tools available online that can make this task easy (like Hootsuite or Instagress).


In conclusion, there are many strategies that can be used to increase your Instagram following, and the key is to find what works best for you and your brand. By taking the time to master these ten tips, you’re sure to improve your reach and build stronger relationships with potential customers.

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