What is the easiest way to extract text from an image?


Exacting text from an image can be hard if you do not have the right tools. Students and writers need to extract text from images for all the right reasons.

Sometimes, you want to convert your hand-written text into a soft copy to make assignments.

At times you may also need to extract text from images to create a digital database for your business.

Whatever the case maybe you always need an image to text tool to make it happen.

This article will help you learn the easiest way to extract text from images using OCR technology.

What is an image to text converter?

It is a tool based on OCR technology that converts your non-editable text inside images into editable form for future uses.

You can find such tools on the internet easily. Therefore, they aren’t something rare. Just do a Google search and you will find overwhelming results.

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How an image-to-text converter is the easiest way to extract text?

Before the invention of OCR technology, people didn’t have any tools to extract text.

They would type the whole text manually into their notepads or word processing software to digitalize that text.

It was indeed an arduous task to rewrite the text and if the text was bulky it would take hours to type it.

You can go this long way to extract text but it’s really hard to do that. On the other hand, you can use the alternate way.

This alternate way is using an image-to-text converter. With this tool, it takes split seconds to convert picture to text

Let’s see the super simple way of text extraction in a few steps:

  1. Open the website of your online image to text tool.
  2. Upload or copy-paste the image inside the tool.
  3. Click on the extract button to extract the text from images.
  4. You can copy or download the extracted text.

See how easy and accurate it is to use such tools for text extraction. It is interesting to note that with an online tool you get more efficient results as compared to manual typing.

How an OCR tool is the best choice when it comes to text extraction?

Since you need to extract text from images and you used an image to text tool. It is the best way to extract text because it gives the following advantages.

  1. It is an automatic way of text extraction so there is no fear of errors. 
  2. It is time-saving as you just have to enter the image and start extracting text from it.
  3. Automatic text extraction helps to increase your work efficiency. You can do more work in much less time.
  4. Ultimately, it increases your work productivity.

All in all, it helps you in many ways so you should use this tool for extracting text from images.

 Advantages of an image to text tool:

Data, in the form of text, is the biggest commodity of this age. Different people have different needs to deal with the text.

Being a student, you may need to extract hand-written text from images or from different books to create assignments or a thesis. 

That’s why you can simply capture the pictures of that text and extract them with an OCR tool.

Similarly, you might have your own business and you want to create a digital database.

All of your records might be on paper. So, you fear losing them. Therefore, you need an image-to-text tool to convert those records into editable text.

In this way, you can create a database of your text with this tool. Going paperless can also uplift your business in many ways. 

First of all, your work becomes economical as you don’t use much paper. 

Moreover, your data is contained in a small space as you don’t need to have dedicated space for that.

Where an image to text tool is used nowadays?

In today’s world, Ocr technology occupies its own place it deserves. It is being used in major industries and in almost every business.

In marketing:

Major FMCGs are using this technology for marketing their products. You might have seen a brand promoting its products through coupons or codes.

When you purchase their product, you get a code which you have to scan through their apps to avail yourself of the discounts or offers.

It also helps the businesses earn more revenue and engage their customers. It also helps them get useful data for lead generation.

For security purposes:

If you have traveled to any foreign country, you may resonate with this use. While onboarding, you have to pass through an immigration cell. 

Here the officers usually scan your identity through the image to text tools dedicated to knowing your identity.

So, OCR technology helps a lot in the security and identification of a person.

Banking and finance:

These tools also find their use in the banking sector. They use an image-to-text converter to scan your handwritten deeds and wills. 

They extract that text into their database and save it for future uses. Moreover, it helps them avoid any risks and fraud.

This is just a glimpse of the OCR uses. You can use these tools for every possible need of text extraction.

It is a great tool as you can see how easy it is to extract text from images with this tool.

Final words:

After going through the comprehensive uses of this tool, you can sum up that it is the easiest possible way known so far for text extraction.

If you feel the need, then you can go for this tool instantly and get the extracted text. The whole process takes a few minutes.

Let us know your views regarding this article in the comments.

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