How does Monday Alternative help in the 5 Stages of Project Management?

Project Management

Running a business is no joke. Understandably, work gets haywire at times and well, so do your employees! Managing projects every day without any help means trouble! The question is how to avoid countless errors and delays?

In this blog, I will give you pointers that will help you manage any kind of project in any industry efficiently and effortlessly. Imagine a day in office that will be driven towards work, employees are focused on completing deadlines, zero miscommunication between team members, high priority tasks will get sorted first- sounds like a dream? Well, it is not a dream anymore. Many Monday alternatives will help you manage your billable hours better. It will make sure that your project runs efficiently.

Before we discuss, the different stages of efficient project management, let me discuss the necessity of it. Why are so many businesses demanding to employ project management tools to run their business? How does the software help in managing a project without error?

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Here’s what you need to know-

  • Project management tools help to break down the whole work in a way that makes the process simpler. You can now assign tasks to different employees for the project. And yet, keep a close eye on the kind of work they are doing.
  • It helps you to tackle difficult clients. All you have to do is show the work that you have done, and get payments cleared without hassle.
  • Since the work will become transparent in all stages, there are no chances of team miscommunication.

Here are the five stages that you should follow to manage a project successfully and the ways a Monday com alternative benefits you as an employer.

How Monday Alternative aids in the 5 stages of Project Management?

If you are looking for an efficient and successful project management process, follow these 5 phases- 

  • Initiating the project
  • Planning and Dividing Work
  • Execution
  • Monitoring to Check Errors
  • Closing the Project

Initiating the Project

When you receive the project from your client and begin to work on it, it is called the initiation of the project. This is the first step and an important one too. It has been said,’ Beginnings have to be perfect. Well, to drive a project successfully, you have to invest a lot in the initiation process. Before planning the project with your team members, sit with the client and talk it through. Listen to what their needs are and decide on the ways that the project needs to move forward. If you have any miscommunication, the planning and the execution stage will get disrupted. 

To do this job better, employ any of the best project management software. It will help you to get timeline charts and time-oriented reports. You can easily find similar projects and look at the way it was completed. With the reports in hand, you can let your client know how long the project will continue, the budget, and the entire process.

Planning and Dividing Work

After the initiation process, you will have to plan the project and divide the work between your employees. Choosing any Monday alternative project management tool will make the job easier. All you have to do is look at their previous work. You will get a clear understanding of the kind of work they do better. Such AI-powered performance tools will give you a detailed report about your employees and make a comparison between their work. When you know how each employee performs and who is better at what, project managing gets easier. Play on the positives of all your team members and you will execute your project successfully.


After planning the project, the next task is to execute the project smoothly. To get better control over the execution phase, try any alternative Monday software. Employing software like this will ensure that the project is running and ending correctly. You can track the activity hours of your employees, keep an eye on the progression process, troubleshoot any issues, watch the applications used for the project, etc. When you start managing all these pointers, the execution stage gets handled perfectly.

Monitoring to Check Errors

This is the stage where you, the project manager can correct any kind of error. If you didn’t have the help of Monday alternative, things would be difficult. But with project management software, you see the number and status of tasks performed by your employees, keep track of their billable hours, chat with your team at the same time, change deadlines, etc. Monitoring all these will help manage errors. Your project will become error-free with this software.

Closing the Project

This stage is the end of the project but yet an important stage. ‘All’s well that ends well, so do not try to pull off this stage manually. Instead, employ a project management tool for better closure. With the AI analysis feature, you can keep a record of the budget, timeline, and resources spent on the project. This will help you in receiving the rest of your payment from your client easily. They will have a detailed report of how the project proceeded.

Employing these 5 stages of project management and using a project management tool will make your life easier. If you are looking for an efficient tool to manage projects, try KnowYourDay. You can choose anyone that caters to your company. Employing these kinds of software will help you get clarity, transparency, and error-free work done.

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