10 Best Content Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Digital Signage

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They say the restaurant business is one of the most difficult industries to break into, not to mention thriving. Small restaurant owners already face an uphill battle of acquiring visitors and providing them with an experience that they would rather come back for!

The key to this mystery is personalization and leveraging tools that can target visitor engagement and enhance it. So, how could this be the perfect solution? 

Set up digital signage on the premises of your restaurant. 

With digital displays, the possibility of attracting, engaging, and upselling is inherent. So, considering that you are awe-inspired here, let’s find out the best ways in which you can market your place of visit better using digital signage. 

Top 10 Content Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Digital Signage 

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1. Digital Menu Boards

30% of the consumers get influenced by digital menus at eateries. Therefore, showcasing the house food items on digital screens with visuals can potentially ease order-related confusion of the visitors and improve sales. 

While the restaurant can potentially cut down on printing and re-printing costs of the paper menu, alternatively, you can also display a QR code scanner to let customers directly scan through and place their orders.

2. Running Cross Promotion of Items on The Menu

With digital signage, you can effectively upsell. Showcase your best-selling product with the least selling ones to ignite the inspiration and attraction of the visitors. 

This is an effective strategy to boost conversions, user experience, and engagement without going rounds in hard-selling. 

3. Brief Introduction Of The Work Staff

Introducing your chief chef and others working at your place can be not only engaging but also impressive. 

This content on digital signage can come across as authentic and make the visitors look forward to their experience at the eatery.

4. What Sets You Apart?

Showcase your unique selling points on the digital signage display to awe-inspire the attention of the visitors and potentially stand out from the competitors. 

It can be anything from the ingredients that you use to the amount of experience that your culinary staff has, the entrepreneur’s journey, visitors’ reviews of your restaurant, and more. 

5. Display What Users Have to Say About You Via, Social Wall

A social wall is a unified presentation of the content shared on social media platforms featuring your restaurant. Visitors can either tag you or use your brand exclusive hashtag to create and share posts on social media, which can be aggregated with social media aggregation tools. 

This feed can then be showcased on the digital signage display to effectively boost audience engagement, inculcate inspiration and encourage the visitors to share content on their active social networks. Thus, working up your reach, brand awareness, and brand affinity. 

6. Display Ongoing Offers & Discounts

Digital displays can be put best to use for displaying any ongoing offers and discounts in the restaurant’s digital signage, saving your effort to promote them in multiple other ways. 

You can easily persuade impulsive buying decisions with the leading marketing strategy and unleash greater revenue-earning opportunities. 

7. Order Number

Reduce the perceived waiting time of the customer by showcasing which order number was delivered last and when they can expect their order.

The great chain of restaurants uses this tactic as a part of their user experience strategy. 

8. QR Code Scanner

QR Codes can be useful for digital menu cards and create and share moments of fun and excitement.

You can create private campaigns with any interesting hashtag, ask the visitors to scan the QR code, and upload their pictures mentioning the hashtag. These consumer visuals can then be featured on the digital screens adding to the visitors’ experience.

9. Showcase Engaging Videos & Visuals

Don’t let your screen have FOMO! Showcase entertaining and engaging content such as YouTube videos, memes, music videos, etc., on digital signages to never let audience engagement have a dull moment. 

10. Showcase The Infrastructure Of Your Restaurant

Last but not the least, showcase the ins and outs of your premise to captivate the visitors’ attention easily. Alternatively, you can also choose to display the infrastructure of other restaurants in your chain to awe-inspire the audience’s attention effortlessly. 

Over To You

Restaurant and digital signage make for a great combination for your restaurant. Restaurausing digital signage for restaurants can be used for marketing purposes, improving customer experiences, leveraging upsells, etc.

Now more than ever, the challenges for the food & beverage industry are only getting difficult. Especially after covid-19, when strict social measures as preventive care. 

It is the best time for restaurants to look for better ways to improve infrastructure and deliver the best customer experience. That is more than possible by leveraging digital screens to showcase content that attracts, engages, and converts. 

Author Bio: Grace Eva

Grace Eva is a passionate content writer with expertise in digital signage and the digital marketing industry. She also loves to explore new technologies and likes to express herself through her blogs.

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