The Ultimate Guide to Best Logo Maker Online Software

Best Logo Maker Online Software

Whenever you look at an apple with a single bite, Apple Inc. is the first thing that comes to mind. A swoosh reminds you of Nike, a three-stripe design of Adidas, and the golden arches of McDonald’s. Even if the name of these brands is not displayed on the logo, almost everyone can recognize them. A logo is a crucial part of a business that plays a key role in marketing and branding. Every business knows the importance of logos as it is one of the best tools any brand can use to attract the right type of audience. A logo gives your brand a unique brand identity. Launch your business by having an amazing logo design. 

6 Best Logo Maker Apps to create a free Logo

Mentioned below are some of the best free online logo maker tools without registration to create a beautiful and customized logo design online for your business.


Brandmark is a logo designing and branding website that helps you design one-of-a-kind logos for your brand with the help and assistance of a professional design team. The design templates are simple and unique. What you’ll have to do is simply put in your business details and preferences, and the AI-powered system will generate several logo template ideas for you. When you create logos using, you can do anything you want from resizing to restyling and personalizing without needing to go from one website to another. You can export the finished logo in various formats such as SVG, EPS, PDF, and PNG using either mobile, tablet or computer. A basic logo costs $25 only (it is not editable) whereas a premium logo costs $65 and $175, respectively (both are editable).

2. LogoMakr


LogoMakr is a firm believer in providing a beautiful logo at a low price to help you start your new venture. With an easy-to-use tool, you can create a high-quality logo for $39.95 only. But if you don’t want a high-quality logo then it’s free. With this free tool, you can design, save, and download the logo and then copy and paste the code that will allow you to access the logo from LogoMaker’s server. You can use the logo design on any platform for free. With a high-quality logo design, you will get your logo in JPG, PNG, EPS, and even GIF format. The benefit of designing with LogoMakr is that it offers a money-back guarantee. It offers more than ten thousand design templates and more than 50 fonts to customize from.

3. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design software offers free logos for small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. With a few clicks, you can have an amazing logo. You can also choose a template from thousands of free sample templates and edit them until you are fully satisfied. To use this software, start by inserting the name of your business. Browse and select the template that you like the most to use for your brand’s logo. Customize it as it makes your logo look even more stunning. With the customization options, you can edit the color, style, theme, and shape. You can then save your logo. You don’t have to pay even a single penny when downloading the logo, you have designed yourself. Free Logo Design is a completely free tool that helps you with the branding of your business.

4. Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services has tons of logo design templates that can easily be customized. What you have to do is choose a template and customize the style, theme, font, and color. By using this tool, you will receive ten logos in different file formats. You can request any file format you want. This tool helps you grow your presence online. Stay on top by designing a logo that is creative and innovative. Once done, you only have to pay $39.95 for the files.

5. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs

GraphicSprings offers a solution for every business to improve their branding that is the creation of a free logo. The tool offers a gallery of free logo design templates from where you can choose the one you like the most and customize it. The online gallery has categories of logos from education to business to photography. The tool is user-friendly and lets you customize the logo template easily. Be as creative as you can be when creating your logo. Once you have finished designing and customizing your logo, you can download it for $19.99 only.

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6. Designmantic


Versatility is the core value and focus of Designmantic. Once you start designing your logo, you will have access to other services such as business cards and website building. The tool offers you two options- one of creating the logo design yourself and the latter is to hire a graphic designer from their community to design it for you. The tool is easy to operate. The very first step is to type in the name of your business/brand. Then you select the industry, choose your template, customize it, and pay $37 if you want to download the logo in three different files. You will receive your logo in PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats


The sites mentioned in this article are only a few of the best tools that offer logo design services. There’s no better way to enhance your business and branding than having a professionally designed logo either free of cost or for a lesser price.

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