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Most businesses globally have adopted Security Awareness Training for employees, and have made it a requisite. Even though they are the most invaluable assets, human workers are also considered the weakest link in a company owing to the fact that human error greatly raises risks of yielding to cyber-attacks.  Considering the human factor is also crucial because malicious software is engineered by humans and usually executed, by unaware humans, in the first place. Security training is absolutely essential for firms in order to provide employees with complete awareness about these attacks so they can be fully equipped to combat them. Small things like spotting a suspicious email that escaped a phishing filter can save a business from picking up its own ashes. Security Awareness Training is now becoming standard protocol, in the wake of pervasive and damaging cyber threats, as 83% of businesses in 2020 were recorded to have suffered at least one phishing or ransomware attack.

Nevertheless, the routine form of SAT is growing obsolete and falling short of achieving its objective. The only thing current SAT procedures are succeeding at is wasting precious time while citing them as the problem and unintentionally vilifying employees.  Negative stigma is the last thing any business needs and can be a terribly demotivating factor. Instead, workers should be motivated to feel like they are the backbone of solutions. Innovation in cyber security training is the need of the hour and can help your business survive espionage in ever-changing and perilous cyberspace.

Crowd sourcing combined with security and tracking software/MDR:

Crowdsourcing combined with security and tracking can be an effective technique of reinventing SAT for businesses. This option can also prove to be cost-effective while providing an upgrade to the traditional and outdated methods.  Its efficacy lies in its ability to harness collective intelligence from each individual employee and applies it to security on an expansive scale, whilst Cell Phone Spyware for Android. A complete desktop security scan can be executed at the push of a button, empowering employees with ease and safety.  Data collection from security scans can prevent as well as isolate threats with timely warnings. Crowdsourcing has the added benefit of ensuring that employees feel like they are contributing to the security strategy of a company. 

This tracking software can be streamlined according to the size, infrastructure, and flexibility of any business or organization and works both actively and passively. It can also reduce Human resource costs as well as labor by reducing the amount of time and energy physically given to interview and educate employees about personal and professional use of Android and smartphones within a business. Monitoring the Android phones of employees will greatly reduce these attacks and can allow companies to be better prepared for safer cyberspace. It will also reduce the chances of both internal and external threats. 

Phone spy app and MDR can deliver where Security Awareness Training may lack, and can also mitigate its loopholes. It can ensure that smartphones, another liability, and a wide-open gateway for cyber threats are guarded. By tracking employees given cell phones, a company can ensure that the human factor in exposure to cyber threats is eliminated, both by causal or intentional fault.

 Training employees thoroughly in the area of Cyber Security is unquestionably important as cyber-attacks grow more ruthless and traverse ethical, corporate, and national boundaries. But it must be channeled into something more productive and should be approached pragmatically, rather than artificial ad-hoc exercises that always miss the bigger picture and the expanding cyber-world.

The problems with current Security Awareness training

A company’s mandates and compliance regulations normally call for exercises and programs like SAT, meaning that training given may not even address the actual security requirements of a company. This extempore method also doesn’t consider a dynamic cyberspace landscape. Not only does it miss the many angles it should be safeguarded, but it also becomes tedious and draining on time and resources. Training in such a multifaceted area will achieve nothing if it’s treated like a list checking exercise, and instead, should be customized to an individual company and its needs.   SAT should be embedded in a company’s foundation and workings so that it won’t disrupt the daily routine but will fit into it. This ensures less wastage of precious time, as well as saving employees from pointless hassle.

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