What is Real Estate CRM and Why Do I Need it?

Real Estate CRM

Real estate is a challenging field to work and earn in. Any real estate agent worth his or her salt will tell you this – the hard work is very high and the rewards are even higher. Yet, even the best real estate agent would need plenty of help! When you run a business – any kind of business – you should be able to get on the world wide web and make the most of the opportunities that are hidden in the form of big data. How you process that data and find the relevant bits for you and your team will pretty much dictate how far your business goes, and how far. That is where the best real estate CRM platforms come into place. 


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What is Real Estate CRM?

Real estate requires tracking a lot of information about various customers with different lifestyle preferences in various locations, depending on where you are trying to sell property. This could help you find the right property to match with the right customer. So, you would need the best real estate CRM for this, more than anything else. With the free real estate CRM softwares and other such platforms, you will be able to get all this information on the relevant databases within a structure that helps you collaborate with all the right parties so that engagement and conversion go hand in hand once reach has been established. 

Real estate CRM would help you create a system with which you can manage the following things:

  •         Leads and properties
  •         Customer information
  •         Lifestyle and location preference information
  •         Calendar management
  •         Transaction management
  •         Showings 

These are only a few things that can be managed with the best real estate CRM in place. So here are the reasons why you need real estate CRM for your real estate practice or business: 

1. Information Handling

In real estate, information is everything. The information pertaining to leads, properties and customers as well as their preferences and interactions need to be recorded in all the right databases so that the right information is called up for the right functions in terms of various aspects of the sales pipeline and the transaction as well. This is one of the main things that the free real estate CRM would be able to do for you so that you can get the customers attention and track them as per their preferences so that your real estate listing grabs their attention when they are looking for a property you may have. 

2. Lead Management

There are many leads that one can find online and in the digital world. Yet, managing these leads is quite an ordeal if you try to do it without a system that stores the information and interactions in the right databases so that you can match the right property with the right customer. This can be done easily with a free real estate CRM system that can match these details and notify you in an automated fashion. This is also a function called tracking. 

3. Staying Current

Part of your reputation as a real estate professional would be dictated by how current you are. When you use the best real estate CRM system, you would be able to do that by showing people the latest properties and for that you should be able to track the properties from the best websites and portals like Zillow, You can have a real estate CRM system that helps you track and remain in touch with these property owners so that as soon as you have some customer behavior that might mirror the attributes and information matching that location, lifestyle and property, you would be able to arrange a showing and reach out to the customer in question. This is something that the best real estate CRM platform would help you with. 

4. Prospects

You would have knowledge about the way your prospects are searching for homes, at all times thanks to the various features in the real estate CRM system. This would also be possible with a free real estate CRM system that can help you stay in touch with the customer and take stock of what his or her buying options are how they are changing. This can easily help you alter the attributes that you bring into the CRM system as well. 

5. One Stop Information Shop

We have already talked about how important information is. You can easily keep this information close to you and all in one place, thanks to the features in the best real estate CRM that you can get for your real estate business. This will help you access all the information in one place that also facilitates the collaborations between all the people on the team and all the parties involved in a single transaction. This would also make the CRM framework more efficient when it comes to managing leads. 

6. Transaction Management

When you are in the midst of real estate sales, one of the most important aspects would be the way the transaction is conducted. Unlike most other industries, this one demands your participation well after the actual buying phase since this phase also goes on for a slightly longer time thanks to all the paperwork that is required. So, you would have to use a free real estate CRM system that can help you in this regard. Such a system would help you keep track of all the things that you need with all the parties involved in the transaction process. 

7. Collaboration

The last and probably the most important thing that is taken care of by the real estate CRM system, would be the collaboration part. Since this is what engages the customer in the best possible manner, you would do well to create room for proper and chaos free communication between all the parties involved like bankers, sellers, developers and so many others who come in at various stages during the process of showing and selling properties!

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