Competitive World And Role Of Windows Monitoring Software

Windows Monitoring Software

Right when we were so near to launching our new product with a bombastic campaign it was canceled. Yes, it was not postponed but canceled for an undefined period. Turned out there was a breach of the data and the competitive company stole the whole concept. It was a real disappointment for our whole team as we invested so much time and effort in it. The higher authorities knew it and they even arranged a meeting with the whole team to compensate but we all knew it was not enough. We all wanted to catch those spies who leaked the data or sell our idea to the other team. There was a potential spy in the company and our only demand was to catch him or her so that no one ever has to go through this painful process again. Well, the CEO personally promised us that he will monitor and follow up the whole process and there will be good news in the future. 

Well, he was not lying. I guess the company was already working on the windows monitoring software thing and employee monitoring and this incident speeded up the whole process. After a while, there was a rumor that one of the employees has been fired due to violating the code of conduct. There was also the buzz that the same employees were responsible for the cancellation of the campaign. Though there was no one to deny or confirm the news still it was obvious that the culprit thas been found and there will no such incident in the future. 

Healthy competition is good and no doubt is beneficial for the common man but using this competition as something negative should not be tolerated at any level. People must be held accountable for any of such incidents and inner news was the OgyMogy windows monitoring software is being used by the organization to keep a check on the employee’s activities. 

Here is how excellent monitoring software can help employees and employers in work-related matters. 

Keep the Employees Under Radar 24/7:

Use the OgyMogy windows monitoring software and keep the employees under the radar 24/7 remotely. You can even monitor those employees who are working from home. The app allows the user to make a surprise visit to the screen of the employees at any given time. Thus you can simply check any employee’s activities whenever you want. Let your employee know about the employee monitoring app feature and they will be careful.

Timestamp Information Is the Key:

The best android spy app also keeps the record of the screen activities in the form of screenshots and short videos. All the information is saved with time and date information. Thus if any of the employees will try to commit a crime it will be saved with timestamp information on the web portal.  

Assure Responsible Use Of Social Media:

Social media is no doubt free marketing tool but sometimes it becomes the biggest source of distraction for the employees. Promote responsible use of social media during official hours. For example, you are not allowed to post a selfie during important selfies. The app gives access to all the social media activities to the employees. Thus in case, anyone disobeys the rule the app will notify you about it right away.

How About Monitoring of Official Online Meetings?

Skype spy app lets the user monitor all their online meeting chats and even contact detail of the target skype account. Keep an eye on the skype chat and make sure no employee shares any sort of confidential information with outsiders through the app. 

Track The Spy Before Its Too Late:

With OgyMogy Windows Monitoring Software, the record of sent and received an email along with attachment history is saved on the online dashboard. You can track any possible spying activity right away with the email monitoring feature. 

OgyMogy is not just a windows monitoring software. They offer services for Mac and Android devices as well. The best part is you can simply switch from one operating system to another or from one device to another with a single license. Make sure to monitor the employees through the company-owned device only as it is legal to keep an eye on the employees this way. 

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