Yahoo Mail Login Step By Step

Yahoo mail login

Yahoo Mail is very popular among mail users since it offers a wide range of services. Other than the regular mail account services, Yahoo Mail login can also allow the user to manage other email services like Gmail, Outlook, and many more. There are many beneficial features that come with Yahoo Mail, so both business mail login and personal login can make use of it. So if you want to have a Yahoo Mail account, read through this post to know everything about Yahoo Mail login

Yahoo Mail accounts can be accessed on both mobile devices and in a web browser on the desktop system. Here is how you can log in. 

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Log into Yahoo mail on Desktop

You can log in to your Yahoo mail through a web browser no matter what type of desktop system you use. Just open your web browser and go to the Yahoo mail portal. 

1. Enter your Yahoo mail details

Once the page is open, type in your Yahoo mail username, email ID, and then the mobile phone number that is associated with your account. Then click “Next.”

Yahoo Mail Login | Just 4 Dummies - Life Made Easy

2. Type in your password

Then type out your password and tap “Next.”

How to log in to Yahoo! Mail account

3. Go to the inbox

Afterward, you would be signed in and go to your inbox. 

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Log into Yahoo Mail on a mobile device

Yahoo mail app can be accessed on both Android and iPhone mobile devices. So if you do Yahoo Mail login through the app, you can stay signed in on it for a long time unless you manually sign out from the app. The login process is quite simple, and you can follow the same process for both iOS and Android mobile phones. 

1. Start your Yahoo Mail app

If you have not started on your Yahoo Mail app, open it. Choose Yahoo Mail out of other mail services to sign in to it. 

How to log into Yahoo on Android

2. Tap on Sign in with Yahoo

First, enter your email to start your login journey. Then tap next to enter your password and tap on “Sign in.” 

Yahoo Mail Login on Android
Log into Yahoo Mail on Android

3. After getting signed in, you would be taken to the Yahoo mail inbox portal. 

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Sign in to Yahoo Mail using verification Email

You can do a Yahoo Mail login by using a verification code that is sent to your phone. First, log in to your Yahoo Mail and go to the Account avatar Icon on the top right corner. Then click on select “Account Info.” Afterward, you can select “Account Security.” Next, you can navigate to your phone number and turn it on. Then enter a phone number and verify the OTP password sent to the respected number. 

Some common issues related to Yahoo Mail Login

There are many issues that can be related, in case you are not able to log in to Yahoo mail. Your Yahoo mail might not be working on your phone or Desktop. You might not be able to log in on your iPhone. Your password might be incorrect, or your Yahoo mail account might be locked. Maybe you are using an incorrect username, so you can’t open your Yahoo mail.

Reset your username and password

Many times it’s an issue when you forget your password or username for Yahoo Mail login. But it can be easily resolved. You can enter the username which you remember and enter. Then you would receive a reset link, click on it and follow through the instructions to reset your username. Moreover, you can reset the password in the same manner, then verify it by entering it once more. 

Try Yahoo Mail login in the manual process. There might be a time when you are not able to open your yahoo mail account. This can be the result because of the browser. You might have to delete the browser’s caches, cookies, or history. Then you can log in to Yahoo mail manually by entering the username and password. 

Change your password in case your account is hacked

There might be a case where your Yahoo Mail account is hacked. Instead of panicking, you can simply change your password. Just go to the Yahoo Mail settings to change the password, but this time makes it stronger by using capital, small alphabets, numbers, and other special characters. 

How to log in to another Yahoo account?

In case you are already signed into a Yahoo account; however, if you have work in another Yahoo account, you can always log into that account easily. First, open your Yahoo Mail app and tap on the “Y!” icon at the top left concern of your device. From the menu list, select “Manage accounts.” 

Then tap on “Add Account,” which would take you to the Yahoo Mail login portal. Enter your other account Yahoo Mail user ID, email, or mobile phone number that is associated with the account to go “Next.” Then type in your password and tap “Next” to access that Yahoo account’s inbox. 

How to troubleshoot if you can’t access your Yahoo Mail?

Here are some handy tips for troubleshooting in case you can’t access your Yahoo Mail login account. 

  • The unstable internet connection can be one of the reasons for not being able to log in to Yahoo Mail. In such a case, you can opt to turn off your Wi-Fi router and then switch it on to see it works. 
  • You should regularly update your phone or desktop Yahoo application, or browser to their latest versions, so your mail account would run smoothly. 
  • You can go for your two-step verification process in case you face any issue with the account. 

For some reason, if you are unable to solve your Yahoo Mail issue and the problem persists, it’s wise to look for professional help to guide you. 

How can you change your Yahoo Mail password?

In case you want to change your Yahoo Mail password, there are some simple steps you can follow to achieve your new password. First login to your Yahoo Mail, then click on the Account avatar Icon on the top right corner to select “Account Info.” Go to the “Account Security” page to select the “Change Password” option. Then you would be asked to verify you are not a Robot to proceed. Now you can type in your new password and continue to change the password altogether. 

Now you know how to configure and set up your Yahoo Mail account. Hopefully, this content is helpful for you to create your own Yahoo email account. 


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